We Can Guarantee Affordable health Care for Everyone

We are in a period of great flux in how we all are able to pay for the health care we need. While some are advocating for ways that will increase the numbers of us who are uninsured or underinsured, Co-operate Colorado knows that a universal approach is the way we can guarantee coverage for all in a way we each can afford.

Co-operate Colorado remains committed to fiscally conservative and socially just universal health care. At present, while Colorado does not have an active issue to lobby on behalf of, the educational programs supporting universal health care are being directed by our sister organization, the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care.

Please go to the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care website, CoUniversalHealth.org, for further engagement. There are opportunities to volunteer on a Foundation team: to write letters to the editors, be a speaker, reach out through social media, and collaborate with other organizations; there are interest groups for physicians, nurses, and business people. And, of course the Foundation needs donations, which are tax deductible and can be made through their website, to further reaching hearts and minds.

Co-operate Colorado will remain poised, on inactive status, ready as needed to reengage in the support of future political actions as they take shape. We need a way to pay for health care that works for all of us, not just for the few.

I invite you to the Foundation website CoUniversalHealth.org.


Bill Semple
President, Co-operate Colorado

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